HHS Autism Provision is able to draw on the rich resources and opportunities of the mainstream school and we aim to provide as many inclusive experiences that are suitable for each of our learners. This may be a bespoke opportunity such as accessing lessons in the mainstream school, representing the Autism Provision on the Junior Leadership Team or it can be working alongside peers from the mainstream school during activities and events. We are proud to have a number of inclusion ambassadors in the mainstream school who contribute to raising the profile and awareness of autism through the school.

Inclusion also extends to outreach to the mainstream school and the many students on the spectrum that require support. We provide training to the staff across the school in order to ensure staff are well equipped to cater for all of our autistic population. HHS Autism Provision also has outreach services to other schools that require support for their autistic population, both working directly with students and offering training to staff.

We have our own student council with a representative from each class within the provision. Students have a strong voice and have been instrumental in designing their clubs within the provision. In addition, students at HHS Autism Provision are part of the mainstream junior leadership team and the wider Haringey SEN School Council which meets regularly to discuss borough-wide issues for young people with SEN.


All students in our provision eat lunch in the mainstream school restaurant. Lunch is at 12.20pm, which is the quiet time between the mainstream school lunch sittings. We encourage our students to develop their functional life skills and motor skills; so, developing their eating skills and habits. Social skills are a key area of learning during this time where we aim to encourage social relationships and foster a sense of enjoyment at sitting together with friends. We see this as an important part of our teaching and learning at school and, for this reason, all staff take lunch with the students so they are able to model and support this learning.