Welcome to Heartlands High School Autism Provision. We cater for secondary-aged students between years 7–11 who have a primary diagnosis of complex autism. Many of our students have additional needs including a cognitive impairment, speech and language difficulties or difficulties associated with social communication.

Our vision to ‘Inspire Excellence Champion Potential – Celebrate Achievement’  is simple and founded on a desire to make a difference. We aim to enable every child to flourish by encouraging and building upon their unique strengths and interests, and we work with students to develop and deploy strategies to overcome and cope with their difficulties. We recognise that every child is different, and every individual child is always our starting point. In addition to academic achievement, the focus is on developing every child’s social, emotional and personal development. This is supported by ensuring every child strengthens their independence and living skills which are key to building their confidence and self-esteem.

Students in our provision have access to a team of skilled teachers, visiting therapists, and professionals who work together to ensure each child has a learning programme tailored to their specific needs. Families are offered the support and advice they need to feel confident and informed about their child’s needs and future prospects.

We are committed to working closely with our mainstream colleagues to share good practice across our provision and the mainstream school. Central to this partnership is our commitment to working alongside our parents and carers to support the progress and well-being of our students.

We look forward to working alongside our families to ensure the very best outcomes for our students here at Heartlands Autism Provision and welcome your feedback.


Lucia Santi
Head of Autism and Principal Designate for The Grove School