Mock Exams

Year 11 students have mock exams beginning Monday November 20th. Language speaking exams begin on Friday 17th. The full mock timetable is here:

Year 11 Mock Exam Timetable 2017 (pdf)

Year 11 GCSE Revision Guidance (pdf)


Mini Mocks 2018

Session 1
Exam starting at 08:30
Session 2
Exam Starting at 10:50
Session 3
Exam Starting at 13:30
Thursday 8th February Science Paper 1:
Separate Science 1hr 45 mins
Combined Science 1hr 10 mins
English Lit
1 hr 45 mins
Friday 9th February English Lan
1 hr 45 mins
Science Paper 2:
Separate Science 1hr 45 mins
Combined Science 1hr 10 mins
Wednesday 28th February Maths Paper 1
1hr 30 mins
History Paper 1
1 hr 30 mins
Monday 5th March Maths Paper 2
1 hr 30 mins
Geography Paper 1
1 hr 30 mins
French Reading
Both Levels – 1 hr
Spanish Reading
Both Levels – 1 hr
Tuesday 6th March Geography Paper 2
1 hr 30 mins
Maths 3
1 hr 30 mins
French Writing
Both Levels – 1 hr 15 mins
Spanish Writing
Both Levels – 1 hr 15 mins

Revision Timetables

Please click here to access the blank weekly revision timetable which Year 11 students should use to plan their weekly study.  We always refer to the mantra‘3 hours per day, 5 days per week’ in the run up to exams. These 15 hours of independent study can be spread over the week in a number of ways but serves as a guide to how much revision students should be completing from February to June in their final year. After school and weekend sessions should also count towards these 15 hours.

Spring Half Term Revision Timetable 2018
View and download the timetable (pdf)


There is a wealth of information available on the internet about supporting your child through exams and revision. Below are a couple of links to websites which we feel give straightforward and practical tips to parents. We emphasise the importance of balance to students so that they ensure they eat well, sleep well and exercise regularly to ensure that they cope physically and mentally with the demands of exams. We also speak to students about ‘delayed gratification’; putting in the hard work for a period of time to achieve great rewards later on rather than being distracted by short term diversions. This self discipline is critical if students are to prepare themselves well for examinations. Parents play a very important role in motivating, supporting and keeping students on track during revision periods.