29th June 2016

Dear Parent and Carers

I want to give you some information on how the school is responding and coming to terms with the outcome of the EU referendum .

Whatever your political views we need to remember, in all of this, the children, parents and the adults that work or are a part of the Heartlands Community, that are not UK citizens.

We are a strong community. A vote like the one last week may well create fear and anxiety amongst some families and some children. Our job as educators, acting in loco parentis, is to ensure calm and provide stability for the children and the people that are part of our community. This school is founded on inclusivity and equality of opportunity. That is what we stand for.

Since Friday some young people, particularly from families who are not citizens of the UK, were anxious about what the future might hold. As a school we will continue to offer reassurance, comfort, demonstrate optimism (even when it is hard) and show that we are as welcoming to all, as we we have always been.

I am sure that many of you have taken the time to talk through the issues with your own children. We have encouraged our staff to do the same here.

The governors and all the staff at Heartlands are proud of what an aspirational and inclusive community this is. We will make sure that we continue to be outward looking.

With best wishes.

Simon Garrill
Executive Headteacher