Heartlands High School has at its foundations a strong set of shared values that we act upon. Our school will benefit our students and all of those partners that work with us.

A school that is passionate about creating a commitment to learning in its students and in expanding their development beyond that which can be achieved through tests. We encourage all students to SEARCH for SUCCESS and enjoy their learning.

A school with a strong moral purpose; committed to equality and diversity. We will ensure that all students can achieve their potential.

An outward facing school that actively seeks partnerships with those looking to enhance the life chances of young people.

A school that embraces innovation in teaching and learning, in curriculum design and in all areas that seek to ensure the life chances of our young people are improved.

A school that helps its students to act responsibly within its walls and beyond to ensure they understand their role as citizens in a larger community and act accordingly.

A school that nurtures leadership in its students, staff and governors, ensuring accountability, a clear vision, transparency and fairness.

A school that is committed to the study and practice of the arts to develop its students as creative thinkers and to enrich their lives through an understanding and appreciation of our common cultural heritage.