Students will receive personalised timetables via email and they will receive hard copies when they arrive for their first exams on Tuesday 5th January.

It is essential that we keep students safe throughout the mock exam period. With this in mind, we have made the following arrangements;

  • No Year 11 lessons will take place during the mock exam period. If students do not have an exam they should be at home revising.

  • Lunch will be served each day for all students.

  • Students can wear masks during exams and exam desks will be generously spaced out in exam venues

  • Exam venues will be well ventilated to allow fresh air to circulate. This may mean that exam venues are cooler than normal. We will allow students to wear additional layers of clothing to keep them warm.

  • No equipment will be loaned to students during the exam period. It is therefore essential that your child has the following equipment for all exams; clear pencil case, pencils, pen, ruler, a calculator, a set of compasses and a protractor.

The mock timetable is below we have given it to you in  PDF form:

GCSE Mocks TT 2022 – Website version