The Library (also know as the LRC or Learning Resources Centre) is located in the main corridor of the 3rd floor, literally and metaphorically at the heart of the school.


Staffed full-time by 2 qualified and experienced librarians alongside a large team of Student Librarians and other Heartlands staff, all students and staff have access to the library during lessons and in their own time for studying or reading.

The Library is open:
Monday–Thursday: 8.00am – 4.00pm
Friday: 8.00am – 3.30pm

As per national best practice guidelines, the library can seat more than one class at a time and furniture can be moved to accommodate special events.


Students can borrow 2 books at a time for 3 weeks at a time. These can be renewed. Library users can be served by Student Librarians or Staff at the main desk, or via the self-service terminal.

The Library has over 7,000 books, a total which is constantly growing and evolving. We are always open to appropriate donations – please see our policy below. The library offers a range of fiction, non-fiction and graphic novels, and also offers computer access, newspapers and journals alongside equipment, audiobooks and education board games such as chess.

Many pupils at Heartlands read ebooks via their personal devices. We are currently trialling different ebook platforms to be offered to students. However since this is currently a difficult area in terms of libraries and copyright we anticipate ebooks will be available through the school in the coming years when these issues are resolved. We recommend use of Haringey public libraries for ebooks.

Student Librarians

The library relies on a dedicated team of Student Librarians. Students from year 7 can ask for ad hoc jobs such as shelving, whereas Year 8 upwards can apply to become official Student Librarians.

Students follow a rigorous interview process to join the team, following the School Library Association (SLA) pack. Students work behind the desk on a rota and are rewarded with inhouse rewards such as merits, as well as taking part in book buying or reward trips. They also get priority for choosing and reading new books as well as library events and trips. They also get nominated for Pupil Librarian of the Year Award organised by the SLA.


All students at Heartlands have allocated reading time in English lessons and during Vertical Tutoring time. This is known as DEAR (Drop Everything And Read). The library has a full timetable of DEAR classes throughout the school day.

Beyond Words

Heartlands is dedicated to raising student attainment in and enjoyment of reading. The school operates a whole-school reading programme known as Beyond Words which partly includes the Accelerated Reader scheme.The library collection is arranged to reflect this. Please contact Ms Tall in the English Dept for more information on Beyond Words.

Students can look up book levels to see if they fit within their ZPDs using the Bookfinder website:

or take quizzes by logging on here:

All students are expected to use the library and its resources and it is part of school equipment to carry a reading book within your ZPD / Beyond Words level.


The Library runs a variety of events and clubs to promote reading for pleasure for students, staff and the school community.
Our regular activities include

Autumn term
Bookbuzz – free book for all year 7s from Booktrust
Transition activities
Red House Children’s Book Award
Author visits

Spring term
Stan Lee Excelsior Award (national graphic novel award)
Royal Society Young People’s Prize (national science book award)
World Book Day
Author visits

Summer term
Founders of Haringey Children’s Book Award (years 5 – 7)
Carnegie Award (national fiction award)
Author visits
Transition projects


Harry Potter Night

Royal Society Prize

World Book Night

Holocaust Memorial Day

World Book Day

Please use the following methods to find out more information:

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Refer to the library blog for recent news or upcoming events

Please contact the librarians for policies e.g. collection management policy, donations policy

For more information, please contact the Manager by emailing or contacting her through Reception.