A grand awards event took place at Alexandra Palace on Tuesday 8th December to recognise those students, teachers, schools and groups who have performed outstandingly and made Haringey proud.

The Haringey website states that the judges base their decision on the following criteria from all the nominations received:

  • Outstanding improvement brought about by personal/team determination and ability, including the overcoming of barriers to progress
  • Responsiveness to the needs of pupils, customers or community stakeholders
  • Effective and imaginative use of resources, including, where appropriate, the use of information and communications technology
  • Tangible evidence of change and improvement that is significant in relation to activities undertaken
  • Achievements that can be drawn upon widely elsewhere.

Heartlands is extremely proud that our students and staff were among the finalists.  Jodie Bulmer and Andrea Heidari won the ‘School Mentor’ award,  Rochelle Anderson won the award for ‘Volunteer of the Year’ and Tila Lawton was the winner for ‘Outstanding Academic Achievement’. Congratulations and Well Done to all of them!

Mr Batimba, who runs early basketball  sessions with the students every morning, and does outstanding work with them, won the award for ‘Support Staff of the Year’. We are extremely proud and delighted for him.

89 ANDREA WINNER 88 TILA WINNER (4)   90 FRANCK WINNER (1) 91 ROCHELLE WINNER (1) 87 JODIES WINNER    Winners Outstanding for All