The school community at Heartlands is one which shows young people in their best light. One of the best and most important parts of my day remains standing on the gate in the morning and welcoming students into school. We have a bright, culturally diverse cohort with a common purpose.

The common purpose that we share is that learning opens doors. I loved the fact that on the last day of term before the holiday, I listened to a group of Year 10s discussing the grades that they achieved for their AFA assessments. These were not the students that you might expect. However, they showed to me that what they have gained from the school in the four years that they have been here, is a strong sense of aspiration.

There is a great deal of optimism in this school and it reflects a local community that has a high sense of aspiration and a belief that young people, can go on to great things if they apply some simple standards to their own lives, and work hard.

I’m optimistic about the year ahead for our young people at Heartlands.