The GCSE results in Haringey are up again this year and our local schools have been doing really well. If you have seen children go through GCSE examinations you will know what an effort it is for students and for parents alike. There is no magic formula to doing well. We believe that all of our students have the potential to do well if they work hard enough. The students that leave with smiles on faces and envelopes in hand on results day, are invariably the ones that have worked fantastically hard throughout their time at school.

In our first Year 10 assembly, we spent a little time reflecting on what the difference is between success and failure at GCSE. Those students that can organise themselves, be resilient and confident are invariably the ones that will pick themselves up and keep going even when things get tough. When ‘Fix Up’ came to talk to us at the end of last year their message was that if you start to act smart, you start to think smart and the results will follow. As parents, your support is invaluable throughout secondary school. The more you are involved with the work that your children do the more likely it is that they will succeed. It sounds easy.

We have over 40 new staff this year. We would especially like to welcome all of them to the school. With so many changes at the beginning of an academic year it sometimes takes a few weeks for us to establish things like our Extended Schools offer. Thanks for your patience.

We’re looking forward to a really brilliant year.