This week, a number of our Year 10 students performed in the Shakespeare festival. You can read about this in today’s bulletin, but congratulations to Ms Caine and all of the students involved. The organisers were really impressed with the direction and the performances from our group.

This week, we are starting a series of Career events for our Year 10 students. Today we have a journalist coming in to spend some time with students in a series that we call “Lunch with…”. These visits are aimed at giving students the opportunity to meet adults and discuss careers and the real world. I’m excited about the opportunities that these visits offer our students. We always encourage them to have a clear set of goals and to really aim for them. 

You can really help us with this. If you would like to come in and discuss your job or career with students, then please send an email to helen.swinyard@ You don’t have to do an amazing presentation and we would like to get in people from all walks of life. There are 162 students in Year 10—all with different hopes and aspirations. Sometimes a little guidance from the real world can be invaluable.

Today students have been raising money for two causes. They were asked if they would like to raise money for the Philippines and, they were quite adamant this time round, that they should do something different. Non-Uniform Days are very rare, so thank you for your support. 

Finally, we are looking forward to seeing you for AFA day next week, on Friday 29th November. This is the first opportunity to discuss the progress that students have been making over the first 7 weeks of school. We look forward to seeing you then.

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