Last night I went off to vote in the local elections. It always seems like a privilege to be able to vote in a democracy. Whatever side of the party political divide you fall into, at least in this country we have a chance to vote for local, national and European governance.

At Heartlands, we want our students to take their responsibilities in this really seriously, and I hope when they leave school they see the importance of voting and taking an active part in democracy.

This half-term sees the Citizenship side of SEARCH come to an end as we move into High Aspirations Week.  This week,  many of our students have been involved in activities as part of High Aspirations Week.  There is always a huge amount going on.  The purpose of the week is to expose students to as many different opportunities as possible. Not least, the visit to Alexandra Palace to take part in a workshop with Sir Kenneth Branagh. How exciting for them and for him!

This week, there has been a real buzz around the school. I felt immensely proud of our Year 10 students as they sat their first real GCSE. Whatever the outcome, they have displayed a maturity beyond their years in their approach to the exams and their teachers have commented upon how seriously they have taken their studies. It is a brilliant experience to be a part of their success and I wish them the best of luck.

Like all our students, they now deserve a good rest-unless of course they are in school over Half Term. Thank you to staff and students for all of their hard work in the last half-term.


Simon Garrill



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