Yesterday we had the added bonus of a really nice compliment from a gentlemen on the Underground. As always, our expectations of students in the community are as high as they are in school and this gentlemen found our students to be living up to those expectations. The students were Year 7s and the teacher was Ms Thomas, who also joined the Science Department this year. The gentleman was extremely complimentary and said “… I would like to commend Miss Thomas and your school for encouraging such high standards.” It’s always great to get positive feedback from members of the public.

Taking an active role in the community and representing the school with pride is an essential part of our values here. I take my responsibility for students to behave well and to represent the school well, very seriously. If students have pride in the school, they will have pride in themselves, their confidence will grow and they will achieve more. We ask you to discuss with your children the importance of wearing their uniform with pride and of behaving in a responsible way on the route to and from school. The reputation that the school has in the community is one that has been won through hard work. It is our students that worked hard to achieve this, so well done to them.

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