This Saturday, like the Saturdays before, our English teachers give up their weekend to support our students in doing their best for their GCSE exams. This week, I would like to thank those teachers for all their hard work and for their ‘commitment to learning’.

Attendance at these Saturday sessions from our Year 10s has been absolutely amazing and it has been great to see their focus on their future increase, as they get closer to the end game.

There is no mystery to doing well at GCSE. When it comes down to it, while talent and natural ability can take you a long way, the greatest gains are made through hard work, resilience and commitment. Nothing makes the job of teaching more worthwhile than when young people see the value of this, and suddenly school and learning click. In my experience these are generally the students who wear smiles on their faces in August, when they open their brown envelopes with their results inside.

Good luck to all of our students taking their first GCSE this Summer.  With the right support at home and at school I am sure they will do brilliantly.


Simon Garrill