It suddenly feels like summer is in the air at the moment.

Students and staff have had a brilliant start to this final half-term and with the focus and concentration in lessons you could never guess that there are only five weeks to go.

We are busy making preparations for next year, which is the last year of significant growth in terms of staffing.  There will plenty of new staff joining us before September, but we will give you an update on that nearer the time.

Duke of Edinburgh, trips to Paris, Rand Farm and ski trips have all been topics of conversation this week and I’m delighted to see that the experiences we are able to offer students are now so rich and varied. We have continued our successes at Athletics and it’s great to see our Running club lead by Mr Kikwera, setting out bright and early in the morning.

Finally, now that GCSE examinations are over we have just a few assessments in Years 7, 8 and 9 to take place. We are driving a commitment to learning in the school and while it is fantastic to see students involved in so many other activities, it is also essential that they do well in all their subjects. The government is changing the way that it measures school performance so that students are encouraged to do better in 8 of their subjects. They are calling it ‘best 8’ and it is likely to have an impact upon entry requirements of Sixth Forms and colleges.

Now, more than ever, our children need to be prepared to do well across the board. Our focus is on helping them to achieve.


Simon Garrill