It’s hard to believe that we are approaching the last three weeks of term already. If you fancy a break from all the sporting doom and gloom, then read through this week’s Bulletin about some of the great things that have been happening in the school over the last few weeks.

I was lucky enough to drop in on the borough Maths Challenge that we designed alongside Highgate School this week. It was fantastic. A hall full of the most inspiring and talented Mathematicians in Haringey pitched against a really diverse group of students. This was a great opportunity and brilliantly organised by Highgate School and our own Mr Matthews.

One of the keys to success in a secondary school is independence. In the tail end of this term and into the next academic year, we are trying to build the independence and resilience of our students to succeed at secondary school. Part of this success is having the right tools to learn with during the school day. Next week we will be clamping down on, and reasserting, our expectations that students should have with them the right equipment to learn. This is the first basic step in independence. Taking responsibility for our own learning and coming prepared. The second most important quality is resilience. When we talk about resilience in young people, we refer to their ability to keep going even when they find problems hard and challenging. Our inspiring Mathematicians are an inspiration in this respect. It isn’t just they are talented at Maths, it is also that they relish the challenge. They enjoy the feeling of being faced with insurmountable problems and overcoming them. This is a quality that we would like all of our students to share.

Of course, to get that independence and resilience they need the right tools to succeed. We only ask that they come prepared to face those challenges and to enjoy them. That is what learning is about and the sense of satisfactions that they will get, is when they have made progress. I am pretty sure that is why most of us became teachers in the first place and it’s a pleasure to watch students grow as they become more independent in their learning.

Finally, we are really looking forward to meeting our new cohort of Year 7 students next week. I am sure that they already come with some of these skills and I cant wait to see them succeed in the school.