We are announcing the dates for 2020-2021 at Heartlands. These dates are in line with the Haringey Calendar: this is easiest for parents and carers with other children at Haringey schools.

We have worked hard to keep the number of closure days to a minimum, and to have these on a Monday or Friday whenever possible. This is acting on parental feedback. One result is that there will be one AFA Day to meet with tutors, rather than two. This means more time in school for students.

Another change is the re-situating of subject events in accordance with parent feedback, especially for Year 7s, whose parents and carers will now meet subject teachers early in the school year. We have also extended the length of subject evening events to allow more appointments to take place and to accommodate as many parents as possible. After parents’ evenings, please note that school will open an hour later the following day, with the gates opening at 09:15 for a 09:30am start. If this poses problems we will still offer a before schools club for students arriving before 08:30.

Term Dates 2020–2021

2020-2021 First Day of Term Last Day of Term
Autumn Term 1 Thursday 03 September Friday 23 October
Half-Term Monday 26 October Friday 30 October
Autumn Term 2 Tuesday 03 November Friday 18 December
School Holiday Monday 21 December Friday 01 January 2021
Spring Term 1 Tuesday 05 January Friday 12 February
Half-Term Monday 15 February Friday 19 February
Spring Term 2 Monday 22 February Wednesday 31 March
School Holiday Thursday 01 April Friday 16 April
Summer Term 1 Tuesday 20 April Friday 28 May
Half-Term Monday 31 May Friday 04 June
Summer Term 2 Tuesday 08 June Friday 23 July
Summer Holidays Monday 26 July September 2021

School INSET Days

  • 2nd September
  • 2nd November
  • 4th January
  • 22nd February
  • 19 April
  • 7 June

Parents evenings

Please read the weekly bulletin for details: some students will finish early on this day.  All parents evenings until further notice are virtual and held via Zoom

  • Year 11: 14th October
  • Year 7: 17th November
  • Year 8: 19th January
  • Year 11: 10th February (Mock result parents evening)
  • Year 9:  29th April
  • Year 10: 15th June

Bank Holidays

  • Friday 25 December 2020
  • Monday 28 December 2020
  • Friday 01 January 2021
  • Friday 02 April 2021
  • Monday 05 April 2021
  • Monday 03 May 2021
  • Monday 31 May 2021