I know many of you are worried about the hot weather forecast for Monday 18th and Tuesday 18th July.  We are very lucky to have a fully air conditioned building.  This means learning and inside areas are kept at cool, comfortable temperatures.  We take the safety of students really seriously and just like when it is very cold we assess all our activities to ensure we can continue to education the students without unnecessary risk.

In line with the red weather warning we have made some changes for the areas we can not climate control:

  • Blazers are NOT necessary in this weather, students can leave these at home.  We are also allowing students to wear black, tailored shorts if they have them (skirts and trousers remain a choice and some students choose trousers in this weather for skin safety)
  • PE curriculum has been altered to include only inside activities with lots of rest and water breaks.  There will be no off site PE
  • Students will be permitted outside in the covered areas only at break and lunch but they will be strongly encouraged to eat and sit inside
  • Inside spaces will be available for students at break and lunch
  • Food menu has been altered to be more suitable and we have bought in extra water
  • Students will be regularly reminded to drink throughout the day
  • Advice to children and staff altered to give advice for travel to and from school, the importance of hydration, how to get the best of the air con (closing doors etc)

Please read the full risk assessment here: Extreme heat Risk_Assessment.doc

On the last point we urge parents to make sure students take shaded routes to and from school and avoid public transport.  All staff and students should all have a refillable water bottle and apply sun block before and after school.

Take care

Mrs Roberts