At Heartlands High School we know that students learn effectively if they regularly attend school. The guidance released by the DFE is clear, all students should be present, and schools are required to follow up any absences. We understand that due to COVID-19 some students may be feeling anxious at this time, and would urge those who do to speak to their tutor or head of house. We have planned staff  training on how best to alleviate anxiety for students, so that they are supported back into school.

If a student shows symptoms of Covid 19 it is essential that they stay away from school until are tested, and communicate the outcome with school swiftly who will advise on next steps. 

For students who are shielding or self isolating it should be noted that shielding advice for adults and children will pause on 1st August. If rates of the disease rises in the local area we will advise you if students need to shield. 

Otherwise, we expect all students to have 100%  attendance from September, so they do not lose anymore learning time.

Details of return 

Wednesday 2nd September INSET DAY no students in school 

Thursday 3rd September Year 7 only 8.30-3pm

Friday 4th September Year 11 and Year 9 only 8.25-1.30pm 

Monday 7th September Year 10 and year 8 only 8.25-130pm

Tuesday 8th September all years all day start and end times below. 

This slower, staggered start allows us to spend time with students explaining and exploring the new rules and bubble system.  This staggered start also allows staff to attend training and prepare for the school year.  

We will be zoning the buildings into year group bubbles. Please see the table below for details:

Entrance and exit Arrive at School  Finish School  Zone SLT Attached  First Day Back at School 
Year 7 2nd gate; Main Gate 8:15am 2.50pm S3 Corridor: Yellow Zone Mr Greenwood Thursday 3rd September 
Year 8 Community Entrance (through car park) 8.25am 2.50pm  N3 Corridor: Orange Zone Ms Attreed  Monday 7th September 
Year 9 (next to Decorium (Western Road) 8.25am 3.05pm 5th floor: 

Red Zone

Mr Matthews Friday 4th September 
Year 10 North Playground, Side Gate (Station Road) 8.25am 3.05pm N4 Corridor: Green Zone Ms Sangha  Monday 7th September 
Year 11 Main Gate 8.25am See below for times  S4 Corridor: Blue Zone Ms Bower Friday 4th September