Once in France we started with our picnic lunch. With satisfied stomachs, we went to the Nausicaa Aquarium to explore the different types of sea life. We saw jelly fish, sharks, crocodiles, seals, a massive variety of fish and more. Then a quick visit to the gift shop and we were on the move. We then ventured into the old town which was going so well until pupils spotted the fairly big sweet shop at the end. Buying items helped as they could practice their French skills asking for different things.

There were many different buildings, some old, some new and we had our cameras out. There were archways and the town had many mysterious and interesting shops.

Now we were back on the coach with caps, sunglasses (on a cloudy day), sweets, French hats and more. Our next destination was a real test as we were going to a pretty vast shopping centre. The fright, terror and dread showed in Mr Abbot’s eyes as everyone was ready to shop in their groups and with friends. In a way he was right as people came back with toy cars and chocolate waffles. There were a real variety of souvenirs for us to choose from.

Mr Abbot was a great guide as he helped us all to buy our stuff and ask for things. Also a big thank you to all the other teachers who came with us. We travelled back to the ferry in the coach with all the things we bought, went through passport control and were ready to go on the ferry. We were soon on the coach on our way back to school.