What we are looking for

We’re looking for people with high aspirations, the desire to achieve and succeed – both for themselves and the students, but also for the community and their colleagues. This means we’re looking for creative thinkers, inspiring individuals and team players.

Teaching and Learning

At Heartlands High School, we believe that aspiration determines success. We structure this belief into our work from the beginning. Good lessons lead to good behaviour. Our aim is to deliver good lessons all the time.  As adults we create strong routines within lessons and set clear expectations for the students in our care.

At Heartlands we pride ourselves on developing outstanding teachers and support staff to ensure the best possible academic and pastoral support for your child. We provide teachers with training and development throughout the year based on national trends and feedback from students and parents.

If you’re a teacher we expect you to hold an appropriate professional qualification together with a relevant, recognised teaching qualification. We’ll usually be looking for you to have proven experience as a teacher in a relevant subject.