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We are committed to ensuring that you are safe when using the internet at Heartlands High School. Nonetheless, much of your internet usage occurs outside of school, and we cannot always be there to support you. On this page you will find useful information to help you make the right choices when using the internet or your mobile phone, so that you are a SMART Digital Citizen.

What can I do if I am being bullied online?

Being bullied can make you feel upset, lonely, isolated or worried about telling someone what’s happening. If you’re being bullied online, by text message, on a social network or in a game it might feel like there is no escape. It can be scary too if you don’t know who’s being nasty or why. If you are being bullied it’s NEVER OK, and you should:


  1. Report it by clicking the ‘Report Bullying’ button →internet-gif
  2. Tell an adult you trust, or a member of staff in school
  3. Don’t respond or retaliate to bullying messages
  4. Save abusive emails or messages (or texts) you receive
  5. Don’t pass on any cyberbullying videos or messages – this is cyberbullying
  6. Visit – this is a website where trained counsellors can support you if you are being bullied, either by chatting online or by calling their free helpline.

The SMART Digital Citizen: Protect, Support, Report.

In a world where we are increasingly dependent on technology, it is important that you stay safe when using the internet and digital devices. Agreeing to follow these simple rules is your pledge to be a safe, responsible, and SMART digital citizen.



  • I will demonstrate empathy and not do anything that harms other people or is against the law.
  • I will stay safe by regularly reflecting on my privacy settings to ensure my information is only shared with people I know and trust, and not give out my passwords or other personal information to anyone except my parents.


  • I will demonstrate self-control and never agree to meet with someone I “meet” online without first checking with my parents.
  • I will ignore it if I receive an email, message or friend request from someone I do not know in real life and report this to an adult.


  • I will help educate my parents/carers and peers about internet safety, by regularly speaking to them about the internet, computers and digital devices.
  • I will also reflect carefully before I post anything online, and I will not post any pictures that my parents/carers consider to be inappropriate.


  • I will talk with my parents/carers so that we can set up rules for using the internet.
  • I will demonstrate self-control and check with my parents/carers before downloading or installing software or doing anything that could possibly hurt our computer or mobile device, or jeopardize my family’s privacy.


  • I will demonstrate resilience and tell a trusted adult right away, if I receive any messages that make me feel uncomfortable, and save the messages I receive as evidence.
  • I will speak with a trusted adult or use the report bullying link on the school website right away.
  • I will also demonstrate empathy and report any bullying that I witness, to ensure that I am not a bystander.


Please click on the images below for further support:

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