Home Learning 

Home learning is an important part of life at Heartlands. Home learning encourages students to develop as independent learners. We set all home learning on the DPR (dynamic progress report) . Students should be logging in every day to check their home learning. 

The table below shows how much home learning students can expect each week 

How do we support students to complete home learning? 

We have dedicated home learning rooms available each day for students to complete their home learning from 3pm – 4pm. The rooms available each day are shown below. 

What happens if a student doesn’t complete home learning? 

As with every aspect of school life, we have very high expectations of homework completion. If a student fails to complete two or more pieces of home learning in a week, the following week they will need to attend two compulsory home learning sessions. These sessions run on Tuesday and Thursday. During these sessions, students will complete all of their home learning, including any missed pieces. Failure to attend these two sessions will result in a heads detention the following week, which runs from 3pm – 5pm on Mondays.