The School Reception: 020 8826 1230.

On telephoning the school, please listen to the welcome message and choose the appropriate option when prompted.  Please use the office email wherever possible.  Our senior DSL can also be reached on our main office email.

Name Area of Responsibility Responsible for
Ms P Bower

Ms M Williams

Deputy Headteacher

Deputy Headteacher


Teaching and learning

Mr H Levis Deputy Headteacher Pastoral Support
Mr A Greenwood Assistant Headteacher Assessment and pupil premium
Mr A Matthews Assistant Headteacher Currriculum development
Ms J Sangha Assistant Headteacher Teaching and learning
Ms J Attreed Assistant Headteacher DSL and inclusion lead

Heads of Year
For issues concerning the Head of House, please dial them directly using the relevant telephone number/or email shown below:

Year Name Email
Year 8 Mr Adams
Year 9 Mr Tousent
Year 10 Ms Philip
Year 11 Ms Martin
Year 7 Ms Durrant


Position Name Email
 SENCO Gemma Corby

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

Position Name Email
 EAL Lead Roxana Bartista Green