Here is a hand guide for families on how to prepare students best after a break.  It is best to look at this a few days before so action can be taken on missing/unwanted items:

  • Check all homework is completed.  Homework is set on the DPR
  • Check all uniform is washed, and accessible including a tie if needed Uniform can be purchasd HERE for collection from school
  • Check head scarfs are dark blue, black or grey
  • Check all sock are black of white (no need for both)
  • Check shoes still fit, trainers are NOT acceptable
  • Remove any nails or additions which are not permitted in school
  • Leave all jewellery at home
  • Clean out the school bag (which must be a rucksack!) and repack with all 9 pieces of essential equipment and any needed school books
  • Make sure students have a reading book from home, the school library or your local library
  • Check your child has a timetable or check on MyChildAtSchool*
  • Set an alarm to wak up in plenty of time for school we recommend that students leave their travel time +15minutes to get to school, there is a free breakfast and places to sit if students get to school early

*Timetable – This page will display as One Day to View. Simply tap the
date at the top of the pane and select a day accordingly. Scroll down
to see the student timetable for that day.