Year 7 Admissions

How will the school get information from my child’s primary school?

All primary schools in the UK will submit predicted grades to the government, these will be shared with secondary schools prior to September. They will also share any other relevant information related to your child’s educational experience so far.

My child has an Educational Health and Care Plan, how will their transition be supported?

For the majority of these students, you will have already received specific communication from the school. If this isn’t the case you can contact our SENCO

Will the school be running Summer School?

In previous years, we have run Summer School for incoming students. We are hoping to do so this year and will update parents with this later in the summer term.

What academic support will be put in place to help my child catch-up on missed learning?

Heartlands is planning to ensure that the start of the new school year for our students is appropriately tailored to take into account the gap in education. In the meantime, there are links to some excellent websites at the end of this guide to support you.

How will the school support my child emotionally in September?

Heartlands has a very comprehensive emotional support network. Students receive guidance related to mental health through tutor time sessions and PSHE. We have planned staff training in light of recent events and will have specific interventions for students to support them.

How and when will I be able to purchase a school uniform and bag?

All uniforms and bags are purchased through the school. We will communicate times when the school will be open for parents to purchase these items in due course.

What should I do if I no longer wish to take up my place in September, or am unable to do so for any reason?

Please let Haringey Admissions know this information as soon as possible.


For all other questions about Transition and Year 7, please email: