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Admission arrnagment consultation 2023

As per statory guidance we are consulting on our admissions policy in line with a the outlined seven year cycle.  Haringey Admissions team manage our admission process, as set through our admissions arranagments/policy.

There are no significant changes to our planned admission number or our intake criteria.  Most notably the following has been amended:

  • Clarification of what a step-sibling is to remove the need for marriage to play a part (in line with equalities act)
  • The reference to a Governors’ committee to consider out of year group applications in line with local agreement
  • Definition of the group at LA level who consider medical/social needs applications
  • Addition of a definition and inclusion of guaranteed places for multiples

Please read the full document here:

Admission Policy for the September 2024 Intake (1) (1)

This consultation runs from 14th November 2022-21st December.  All questions and queries should be sent to