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Congratulations on your child getting a place Heartlands and we look forward to working with you and your child on their learning journey for the next five years.

Starting a new school is an exciting time and is an incredibly opportunity for your child to develop and grow into a young adult. Our students SEARCH for SUCCESS and show their commitment to learning. The last letter of SEARCH stands for High Aspirations. Simply speaking we want your child to aim for the best that they can be and succeed. A new secondary school is a unique opportunity to ensure that your child makes quick progress in achieving their goals. It is important that you support your child in setting these goals and making sure that they are aspirational.

Change from Primary to Secondary school can be unsettling, however at Heartlands we try to make sure that you and your child gets all the information that you need to make that change as easy as possible. The key to starting well at secondary school is to make sure that and your child are clear about the expectations in terms of learning, progress, behaviour but also how your child can develop their character as they grow and move towards becoming a young adult.

Our Assistant Headteacher Andy Greenwood leads the Transition team and can be of any assistance in any further queries on the Transition process form Primary to Secondary school. Please contact him via email: andy.greenwood@heartlands.haringey.sch.uk

Finally we hope your child enjoys their time here at Heartlands. The student s who get the most out of education are the ones who can throw themselves into the experience. I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible over the next few months

Elen Roberts
Head of School


Hello year 6 Families;

In preparation for secondary school we will ask you to click HERE to complete our welcome form.

We will use this to shape further discussions with you.  You will get a chance to talk to your form tutor, head of year and headteacher over the coming weeks however this form allows us some important getting to know you information to help us help you in a more focused way!

Take time to fill it out; sit together (parent and child) and ensure you answer honestly and fully: we will not share these answers with anyone but your Head of House and form tutor.


Thank you

Mrs Roberts