HCT Organisational Diagram_FINAL2The Trust’s Members have the responsibility/powers to:

  • oversee the achievement of the Trust’s objectives;
  • appoint other Members and some Directors/Trustees and to remove Members or Directors/Trustees should it become necessary to do so; and
  • make amendments to the Trust’s Articles of Association that determine the constitution and governance arrangements of the Trust.

b) Board of Directors/Trustees [4 meetings per year]
It is the role of the Board of Directors/Trustees to:

  • determine the vision and values, strategic plan, annual objectives and targets for the Trust, and to monitor achievement against these;
  • ensure that the business and finance of the Trust are well led and managed
  • ensure probity and fulfilment of statutory and regulatory responsibilities;
  • appoint members of the Local Advisory Boards;
  • determine the arrangements for setting of key policies; and
  • appoint the CEO and the Headteacher of each School and set arrangements for their performance management.

c) Local Advisory Boards [5 meetings per year]
It is the role of the Local Advisory Board of each School to:

  • carry forward the Trust’s vision in a way that is appropriate to the specific qualities and community characteristics of the School;
  • ensure that standards of achievement are high;
  • monitor and evaluate the work of the School systematically in relation to student performance, student behaviour, self-evaluation and improvement, budget and financial performance and community cohesion; and
  • act in an advisory capacity to the School and Head of School.

d) Finance & Resources Committee (including Audit) [3 meetings per year]
The role of the Finance and Resources Committee, which comprises 5 Directors/Trustees including the Executive Headteacher, is as follows:

Finance: Oversight of, and advice and support to the Board on matters relating to financial management, strategy and policies [including setting of annual budgets and detailed oversight of in-year financial performance]; the safeguarding and use of assets/resources; ensuring that the Trust operates within the law and regulatory environment in relation to its finances and its role as an employer; and compliance with legislation relating to Health & Safety.

Audit: Oversight of, and advice to the Board on: the adequacy and effectiveness of systems of risk management and internal control; the Trust’s audit strategy and annual plan and the appointment, dismissal and remuneration of internal and financial statements auditors; monitoring of actions to address audit findings; and ensuring that all allegations of fraud and irregularity are appropriately investigated and that control weaknesses addressed.

Heartlands Community Trust Members
Jeff Twentyman
Sian Roberts
Nick Chambers

Heartlands Community Trust – Board of Directors/Trustees
Joe Dilger, Chair of the Board of Directors/Trustees
Simon Garrill, Executive Headteacher/CEO
Sian Roberts
Rebecca Boyle Suh
Jeff Twentyman
Judith Gainsborough
Adrian Cojocaru
Omar Majid

(The Chairs of Heartlands High School and The Grove Local Advisory Bodies shall also be Directors/Trustees)

Heartlands High School – Local Governing Body
Toby Castle, Interim Chair
Elen Roberts, Head of School
Anna Douglas
Craig Pattinson
Nofer Fari (Staff)
Cecilia Dosu
Maxine Apcher (Parent)
Neil Thompson (Parent)

The Grove (Local Advisory Board)
Judith Gainsborough, Chair
Lucia Santi, Head of School
Tracey Chippendale-Holmes
Martin Doyle

Finance & Resources Committee
Joe Dilger, Vice Chair
Simon Garrill
Craig Pattinson
Adrian Cojocaru
Omar Majid

Governors Scheme of Delegation (pdf)
Current membership of the Governing Body and its sub-committees (pdf)
Governing Body: Summary Register of Business Interests (pdf)
Governing Body: Attendance at Meetings (pdf)
Governing Body: Membership (pdf)
Governing Body: Persons of Significant Control Register (pdf)