I am writing to reiterate my message in the recent parent bulletin about safety in the local area.

We have seen a rise in incidents which involve our students being approached by unknown members of the public and at times threatened/robbed of belongings. These incidents have happened between 3-5pm in most cases.

We have reported to the police all instances we are aware of.Ā  We strongly encourage you to do the sameĀ HEREĀ online or via 999 if it is an emergency.Ā  WhilstĀ reporting does not always end in conviction it does mean the local crime figures are a true representation of the situation and we are in a better positionĀ to request resources and support from other services.

We would like to remind you of the following messages we give to students so you can repeat these at home:

  • Students are not permitted to loiter on the way to and from school; they must travel to school and then home without delay.Ā  Sanctions will be given for loitering this is to clear the area quickly and keep studentsĀ safe.
  • We encourage students to travel with up to 3 friends and stick to the same route every day which their parents are aware of.Ā  We advise against groups of 4 or more.
  • Our staff patrol the local area to support students after school. Whilst are staff are not there to police the areas we feel it is important we feel it is important to be visable for our students.
  • We advise our students that if someone threatens them or asks for their belongings to give over what is asked for.Ā  We do not want a childĀ being hurt for the sake of a mobile phone!Ā 
  • If students do not feel safe due to incident or situation we advise students to go straight home or back to school if close to either, they can also go into any local shop who will help and support them.
  • Travel to and from school in uniform, this makes you identifiable so if there is an issue we can be informed immediatly to support.
  • Students are advised to not hold phones in their hand whilst travelling as these are very attractive and accessible to criminals when in a student’s hand

We do not want students to be scared but equally they need to be informed on how to be safe. We will continue to inform and educate them in tutor times and on the gate in the morning and afternoon.

I will also take this opportunity to remind students and families that behaviour in the local community must be in line with our in school rules.Ā  Students behaving antisocially or inappropriately in the local area in their school uniform or distinguishable as an HHS student may be sanctioned in the same way as if this was at school.