Curriculum Intent

  • To ensure that all students are equipped with the knowledge and skills to achieve academically across a broad range of subjects
  • To ensure that all students are supported and challenged to make excellent progress across a broad range of subjects
  • To ensure that the curriculum prepares students for the next stage of their education and future employment
  • To ensure excellent Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Education is delivered through a high quality pastoral curriculum


We set out to achieve our core objectives through designing a curriculum with:

  • a strong core curriculum that maximises progress in literacy and numeracy
  • a range of learning pathways which offer optimum support and challenge
  • inspiring, varied and creative learning experiences
  • a culture of scholarly excellence


Current Model

  • School Day: 8.30–3.00pm, 25 learning hours per week
  • Collective Worship/Assemblies: 2.5hrs of collective worship/assembly time per week (30 minutes per day) PSHE, RSE and RPE (Religion, Philosophy and Ethics) are taught at this time
  • PSHE, RSE and RPE taught through designated ‘drop days’ throughout the year (SEARCH days)
  • Interventions/clubs run after school from 3.15–4.15pm.

ks4 KS3 - Y9 KS3 - Y7&8 ks4_spport


Heartlands Curriculum Map

Our curriculum map can be viewed at the link below
View and download (pdf)