Curriculum Intent

  • To ensure that all students are equipped with the knowledge and skills to achieve academically across a broad range of subjects
  • To ensure that all students are supported and challenged to make excellent progress across a broad range of subjects
  • To ensure that the curriculum prepares students for the next stage of their education and future employment
  • To ensure excellent Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Education is delivered through a high quality pastoral curriculum


We set out to achieve our core objectives through designing a curriculum with:

  • a strong core curriculum that maximises progress in literacy and numeracy
  • a range of learning pathways which offer optimum support and challenge
  • inspiring, varied and creative learning experiences
  • a culture of scholarly excellence


Current Model 2022-23 *scroll down for changes for September 2023 

  • School Day: 8.30–3.00pm, 25 learning hours per week
  • Collective Worship/Assemblies: 2.5hrs of collective worship/assembly time per week (30 minutes per day) PSHE, RSE and RPE (Religion, Philosophy and Ethics) are taught at this time
  • PSHE, RSE and RPE taught through designated ‘drop days’ throughout the year (SEARCH days)
  • Interventions/clubs run after school from 3.15–4.15pm.

ks4 KS3 - Y9 KS3 - Y7&8 ks4_spport


Heartlands Curriculum Map

Our curriculum map can be viewed at the link below
View and download (pdf

We have exciting change to our curriculum coming in September 2023. 

Having undertaken a thorough review of our current curriculum model and reviewed the latest research and guidance, we have decided that we will be moving the GCSE option process from Year 8 to Year 9. 

This change is to ensure that all of our students have access to a broad and balanced curriculum up until the end of Key Stage 3. This will mean that students will start their GCSE subjects at the beginning of Year 10.  We will also be bringing Religious Education and Citizenship into our timetabled curriculum at Key Stage 3, instead of delivering these subjects through SEARCH Days and tutor time.  SEARCH days will remain and will be reserved for trips, educational project learning and coursework/GCSE revision focus. 

We are excited about this change and believe that students will benefit from learning a broader range of subjects until the end of Year 9. We are confident we can deliver a high quality GCSE curriculum in two years, as the syllabus is designed to be. 

Curriculum Time Allocation from September 2023 can be seen CLICK HERE Curriculum Time Allocation from September 2023