We have exciting change to our curriculum coming in September 2023. More can be read HERE 

Having undertaken a thorough review of our current curriculum model and reviewed the latest research and guidance, we have decided that we will be moving the GCSE option process from Year 8 to Year 9. 

Curriculum Time Allocation from September 2023 can be seen CLICK HERE Curriculum Time Allocation from September 2023

Accademic year 2022-2023

In the Foundation Stage curriculum, Year 7 and 8 students study a broad and balanced range of subjects. As well as the traditionally academic subjects of English, Maths, Science, Humanities and Languages, students also study Art, Drama, Music, Design Technology, Catering, Computing and PE. We aim for students to have a wide range of experiences in the Foundation Stage so that they develop an understanding of their talents and interests and are ready to choose their GCSE options in Year 8. We teach PSHCE through a series of SEARCH days; these days allow students to immerse themselves in important topics for a day.  We also use SEARCH days to provide opportunities for students to go on trips and to bring experts into school. These experiences enrich students’ cultural, educational and social awareness and enhance their learning in the classroom.

Students at Heartlands make exceptional progress in English and Maths. This is a consequence of very strong teaching and intervention in these core subjects. Any student who is not making expected progress in English or Maths will receive bespoke intervention in Literacy or Numeracy to accelerate their progress. We have a strong culture of reading in school and expect all students to carry a book as part of their basic equipment. Students are expected to read at home for at least twenty minutes each day.  In school reading time is called DEAR (Drop Everything And Read). This takes place in tutor time most days and in English lessons.

Finally, our SEARCH ethos runs through everything we do. SEARCH stands for School Matters, Effort, Achievement, Responsibility, Character, High Aspirations. These values underpin our curriculum, which is founded on that principle that all students are able to make excellent academic progress, with the right conditions for learning.

Year 7 & 8 Foundation Stage Curriculum Booklet
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