469444004_1280x720_EdExciting news for year 11!

All year 11 students will have free and exclusive access to the new Tassomai programme. Parents will receive a letter with more information next week.  

In a nutshell, the programme involves daily quizzing tailored to individual student needs.

  • The programme identifies individual strengths and weaknesses
  • Progress is monitored by parents and teachers
  • Special awards for students who fully opt in
  • The more you complete, the higher your grade!
  • 95% of students that complete the programme get a C or above
  • 56% of users got an A* or A
  • Tassomai works for students at all levels!

Tassomai is being launched in lessons next week to ensure all students are confident using it.

Happy quizzing from the HHS Science Faculty.
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