Thank you to all parents and carers who came to support our graduating students at their GCSE certificate celebration evening. Congratulations to the following students who also won these special awards:

Highest Achiever for Attainment – Girls
Gabriella Stevens
Tila Lawton
Ayan Addow
Highest Achiever for Attainment – Boys
Rocco Kolenda
Karim Khaldi
Emre Turan
Highest Achiever for Progress – Girl
Ayan Addow
Liya Leykun
Nil Yilmaz
Highest Achiever for Progress – Boys
Mert Ozer
Yusuf Khan
Shaun Kimbowa
Head Girl  Jazzmine Sapla
Head Boy
 Million Alem
Outstanding Sporting Contribution
Mariam Matovu
Luciano Anacreonte
Outstanding Contribution to the Arts
Granit Jupolli
Tila Lawton
School Matters – Lauren Sheridan
Effort – Asmaa Abdelfattah
Responsibility – Gentiana Azemi
Character – Jazzmine Sapla
High Aspirations – Iftekhar Ahad
Overcoming Adversity – Marlon Brown