Dear Year 11 Families, 

I am writing today with more certainty and thankfully a welcome update. 

Today Ofqal announced that they would be reverting to center assessed grades (CAGs) for most grades for both the A levels already issued and the GCSEs due to be issued on Thursday. 

We see this as good news.  The algorithm being applied to moderate CAGs was clearly not fit for purpose and resulting in unfair downgrades.  I am deeply upset for our partner schools who have the unenviable task of trying to help year 13 to get to the right destinations.  Luckily for GCSE students this decision comes in time for results day to avoid similar chaos for year 11! 

From Thursday although CAGs will be referred to the grade you are given will be your GCSE grade it will not ever be referred to as your center assessed grade outside of this process. 

Some points to note

  • We are very proud of you all and will remain here for you whenever you need us should it be now, in a month’s time or at any point in the future. 
  • Your CAG is a reflection of: KS2 results, progress from yr7-11, Mocks, in class assessments as well as class and homework
  • We gave each child a center assessed grade and then ranked all the students in that subject. You will only be issued a GCSE grade not a rank order. You can not ask for your rank order. 
  • The vast majority of CAGs we submitted were equal to or higher than their mock grade.  In the instances where this is not the case, we will explain why and discuss next steps. 
  • Class teachers contributed strongly to these grades and their professional judgement on how students could have performed given the chance to sit the exams formed the foundation of the CAG.  However these were then moderated internally by leaders and so it will be the leaders and ultimately me as headteacher who decided on these grades and take full responsibility for them.  Class teachers will not be in a position to discuss these grades with families and so please do not get in contact with them directly. 

What to do next 

  • Collect your results on Thursday get the support you need at school and celebrate your success
  • Contact your college or sixth form to secure or discuss your place: do this even if you have not got the grades you needed.  We can do this for you or help you if needed 
  • If you are not happy with your grades contact us: a member of SLT will be in touch and we will discuss with you how to appeal and/or complain.  
  • Read all the information in your envelope with care: it includes information on how to contact us and the support on offer

Appeals and complaints are always best approached together with the family and school in partnership but there is also a complaints procedure for the actions of school leaders and this can be applied if you feel the school was at fault.  Please get in touch with us using the information provided and we can guide you further. 

Best wishes to you all 

Elen Roberts