Girls in Physics 9th November 2016
Girls in Physics Evening at Highgate School
Wednesday 9 November, 6.30–8.30pm

Highgate School invite girls in Year 9–13 and their female parents/carers to an evening of Physics. The event aims to give pupils an insight into current research and encourage them continue pursuing their interest in Physics. Our fantastic speakers will be Dr. Jess Wade from King’s College London, who will be talking about the Flexible World of Plastic Electronics, and one of her colleagues who has been working with the European Space Agency to design space suits.

Event Details
The event will take place at Highgate School Mills Centre, Bishopswood Road, N6 4PP on Wednesday 9 November. The event will run from 6.30 pm – 8.30 pm.

The evening will involve two talks, with a buffet dinner in between. The event is free including dinner but registration is essential, so sign up now! Whilst female parents/carers are warmly invited, pupils do not have to bring one to attend.

Pupils should sign up using our online form: