PrintAt Heartland
High School we want to create a real commitment to learning. In the short life of the school our students have made a big impact.

Our ethos in the school places our young people at the centre. We have high expectations of our students and expect them to do well. However, we also want them to enjoy their time at school.

Our system of houses ensures a healthy spirit of competition within the school as well as providing a first class support system for our students.

This ethos is captured in the word SEARCH. By reinforcing in our students the belief that school matters we encourage them to succeed through effort, responsibility, citizenship and high aspirations. We ask our students to SEARCH for SUCCESS and we take great pride in their achievements.

Our school develops partnerships that work. We know that our students find it much harder to succeed without the support of parents and carers. At Heartlands our aim is to create solid partnerships that build on success.

In a recent OfSTED, the Inspection team celebrated our relentless focus on learning. We are a determined school. We want the best for our students and the best for our community.

We hope you like what you read.

Mr Simon Garrill, Headteacher