We will be opening the site tomorrow for students from 10.30am (lessons will start at 10.50) The site was manageable today but only as facilities have worked so hard.  The students were very well behaved and understood that the snow is now ice and so not to be thrown or played with.
The problem we now have is the melted snow will turn to ice overnight as the temperature plummets.  Paths in and out of school are very hazardous and it is far more sensible for students to be attempting journeys later in the morning.
  • the yr11 gate will be closed year 11 will come in via the main gate
  • We have gritted and cleared the site and made it safe as long as students are sensible and stick to cleared paths they will be safe
  • Stuents should avoid public trasnport at all costs, there is a train strike and the buses will be VERY busy.  Walking sensisbly to school is the best idea.  Students should leave early as walking will take longer
  • students should wear senisble, waterproof shoes to school.

Please remind students: 

  • to bring all their equipement to school as usual we will be teaching a full normal timetable from P3
  • not to throw or play with the snow/ice etc as we have cleared this into piles it may have other materials in it they can not see which would hurt someone if thrown
I will post daily updates as we expect the freezing conditions to continue all week.  If you have any queries or questions please contact me via office@heartlands.haringey.sch.uk
Thank you
Mrs Roberts