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We are very excited to share these images of the artwork we created for Oxfam, which will be displayed at Glastonbury Music Festival. The school was asked to take part in this project because we have a fantastic group of Oxfam Youth Ambassadors who have already been working on global citizenship projects inspired by Oxfam. These students and other talented year 9 artists were asked to design and paint this huge 3m x 2m banner to represent Oxfam’s values. In particular, special recognition goes to Sonia Paul put in a lot of time and effort and Wiktoria Sniadowska who worked on the initial design and showed huge amounts of commitment to the project. We look forward to seeing photos of it on display in the VIP area at the festival itself.
We’ve already had fantastic feedback on twitter from the Oxfam Education team who said ‘Thank you for all your hard work @HHSHaringey – your banner looks great!’.