As you move through the school from Year 7, you will be encouraged to think about your areas of strength so that you can specialise in those and find the PATHWAY for you.

From Year 8, there will be chances to specialise in subjects through SEARCH days and, hopefully, through the time you spend studying different subjects. There will be guidance and support meetings with your form tutor and Connexions staff throughout KS3 to help you make informed decisions with your parent/carer.

For each area, we also hope to run after school classes in these areas. 

Here are some examples:

Are you a technical genius? There will be chances for you to deepen your study through extra time spent on Resistant Materials, Graphics, Textiles, Food Technology or Electronics from Year 8, and to start GCSE or BTEC study in your area from Year 9, considering which subjects you spend less time on.

Are you linguistically talented? From Year 8 we will arrange for you to study two languages. We also hope to offer extra after school opportunities. 

Are you aiming for a scientific career? From Year 9 we will start GCSE study in individual Science so that you can gain a triple qualification.

These are three examples of how Pathways will support you – there are many others, reflecting our aim to support your PERSONAL needs and talents. In most cases you will start GCSE work in Year 9.