As a specialist Arts school, we are keen to open our doors to other schools and members of the community. In particular, it’s great to work with our feeder primary schools; we have run workshops with 3 different primary schools already this year, giving them a taste of HHS life and access to our great facilities. The most recent workshops, with North Harringay Primary, involved a 6 week series of sessions at HHS, 3 in Music and 3 in Art. Year 7 students from HHS supported the workshops, in which the year 5 students honed their music performance, sculpture, painting and photography skills. Feedback from students was really positive including comments like: ‘I can’t wait to come to this school!’. Here are some wonderful examples of their clay sculptures, photographed by the students themselves. We look forward to working with other primary schools in the future.

DSC_0011 DSC_0075 DSC_0076