We are very excited to be able to host results day on site! We have had to make some changes to accommodate social distancing but we are confident we can still make this a special day for students.

Please read all the details here in a letter from Ms Bower, which will also be posted home:

4. FINAL Results Day letter

The letter includes an FAQ section we have also displayed here:

I will not be able to attend school on Results day – how can I get my results?  We strongly advise that students come into school and collect their results in person. However, we recognise that these are exceptional times. If you know that you will not be able to collect your results on Thursday 20th August, please complete this form, and we will send your results to your school email address from 2pm on 20th August. 
What shall I bring with me on results day?  A fully charged mobile phone, a pen and a notepad. You may want to get in touch with family or friends, or need to call colleges and sixth forms about places.
I didn’t get a grade 4 in Maths and English that I needed to start my course  The first thing to do if you haven’t passed Maths or English with a grade 4 or above is to speak to the staff at the school or college that you are planning to attend or to the training provider for your apprenticeship.

Some sixth forms will allow you to start A levels and retake either English or Maths alongside your other qualifications. However, many sixth forms require you to have at least a grade 4 in English and Maths before you start.If you choose to, you can usually resit Maths and English in November – ask your teachers about this.

Schools and colleges offer classes to prepare students to retake these GCSEs as it is a government requirement that you keep studying these subjects until you are 18 or achieve a grade 4 in them.

What if I don’t get the grades I need?  Don’t worry. It might be that you haven’t quite met your criteria for your conditional offer. The best thing to do is to call your college/sixth form and tell them your results and see if they will accept you. Don’t automatically assume that if you don’t get the exact grades they were asking for, you won’t get in. 

If you need to make a different plan, there will be lots of staff on hand in the Library to go through your options with you. We will also be in school on Friday 21st August from 10am – 1pm, so you can take the day to think about your options and come back to speak with us then.

Do I have to open my results at school? We would really like you to open your results at school, so then we can support you with your next steps. However, we know it can be a bit overwhelming, so we will make sure there are private, quiet spaces for you to open your results away from others if you need. 
I got the results I need – what next? Your chosen college or sixth form should have let you know how to confirm your place, and this is usually done via email. Make sure you have read all of your emails carefully, so you know exactly what you need to do to confirm your place. 
Can I resit my exams?  Information about resits will be available on Results Day, and there will be lots of staff on hand to talk you through your options.