Welcome back

We are so excited to see all our students on Tuesday 3rd November. We are continuing with our catch up curriculum and students have shown amazing resilience and hard work so far in recovering from the period of lost learning.


As you know the government have announced another national lock down which wills start on Thursday and run until December the 2nd. This means:

  • You can not meet other people unless it is just you and one other person outside
  • There is no more ‘rule of 6’ and you can not visit any other home or outside place with a group
  • If people are not essential workers they should work at home
  • Restaurants, Gyms, Cafes and non essential shops (like clothing shops) will close
  • Children should continue to go to school unless unwell

Unlike the last lock down Schools will remain open.  I know this worries a lot of you.  A reminder of what we are doing to curb the spread of the virus in school:

  • Creating bubbles of children so in the event of a case we have only a small number of children impacted
  • Supporting people to isolate at home if unwell with work if needed.
  • Being vigilant and sending any student home who displays symptoms
  • Making staff and students wear masks in shared areas
  • Making staff teach at a distance from the class
  • Using our ventilation system and opening as many windows as we can
  • Stopping all non essential activities such as clubs, trips and extra curricular sports.  Study skills groups such as Home Learning help and some SEND support clubs will remain
  • We will have no visitors on site at this time and until further notice

What can you do:

  • If you or a member of your household is unwell with a continuous cough, fever or loss of taste or smell please isolate the household for 14 days or until a negative test of the symptomatic person
  • Adhere to the lock down: make sure your children come straight home and do not leave unless with you
  • Make sure your child has at least one mask with them when coming to school (we ask these are not the disposable kind which easily break and are terrible for the environment)
  • Ensure you are prepared for a return to Heartlands at Home should your child need to isolate or we face a localised school closure.  Access to an online device for home learning is helpful.

The DFE have also produced this guide for parents: