Staff and Prefects at Heartlands have contributed to this updated Enrichment Grid, which contains activities you can be getting on with to enrich yourself and develop your character while you are at home. The Grid is divided into different categories, so you may wish to focus on activities that interest you most. All these activities are free to get involved in. 

We’d love to hear from you: email Mr Seldon and your form tutor any photos or videos of you doing any of these enrichment activities!

Category Activity and any links
  • Jogging
  • Yoga
  • Couch to 5K – download the app on your phone
  • Just dance videos here
  • PE with Joe videos here
  • Chess. Join Chess.Com here.
  • Make 24 Maths Game. Play online here.
  • Su Doku. Play online here.  
  • Trivia quizzes here
  • Meditation- You can find guided meditations on youtube
  • Gratitude Journal – Write two things you are grateful for that happened that day. 
  • Doing an activity mindfully. For example, eating,    walking or listening to music.  
  • Mindfulness colouring here
  • ‘How to boss your mood’ live stream this Thursday 30th at 10 am
  • Take a look at Heartlands Arts Land (Lots of clubs, competitions and creative thing to keep you busy)
  • Join our online Art Club here!! 
  • Cross stitch and/or sewing/drawing
  • Try out one (or more!) of the DT challenges here
  • Join our online Music Producers club HERE
  • Free classical music streaming HERE
  • Watch this performance of Macbeth HERE.
  • Creative Film Competition HERE
  • Freewriting- Writing whatever comes into your mind without worrying if it makes sense.
  • Calling all female identifying students – you can submit a piece of writing to a new zine created by ‘Be Her Lead’ – see details here
  • You can enter a creative writing competition here 
  • Read and be inspired by Dekko comics here
  • Be a judge for the Alexandra Palace Children’s Book Awards, and take the daily challenges from the nominated authors here.
  • Earn your Duke of York iDEA award in technology and business here (this gets you a real award – bronze or silver)
  • Learning a language here
  • Brilliant Speakers for Schools taks here
  • Watch Ted Talks here
  • Online courses on a range of subjects (Recommended for KS4),  here.
  • Enter the Young Geographer of the Year Competition here. (Contact Geography teachers for help if needed).
  • You are living in a momentous historical time! Try out some of these activities to record what life was like during lockdown and to consider what the historians (you) of the future might make of it all.
  • Become scientists at home and try these fun and easy experiments here or measurement activities here
  • Learn about the black history in the USA from slavery to George Flloyd, here.