On 14th September 2021 the government announced that 12-15 year olds would be vaccinated within schools through an NHS delivery model.  We will be providing the space for vaccines to take place and assist by sending you all information from the NHS regarding vaccinations to you all.

School staff WILL NOT be involved in managing consent, vaccinations or talking to students or families about vaccinations: all this will the responsibility of the NHS.

Who will tell us about the vaccinations? 

The NHS will do this, the school will pass these details but all materials provided will be written by them with no input from the school.  We will use out website, email and text services to pass on this information.

Do I need to give consent?

Consent will be required.  Just like vaccinations for Flu and HPV the NHS will directly communicate with you (via the school) regarding consent. We are awaiting more information on consent and will share it with you when we have it.

What is the school’s role in vaccinations?

We provide a room/space for vaccinations and pass on all Information to you from the NHS.  In essence we have very little/nothing to do with the delivery of the program or the pre information sent to you.

I want to show my support/concern for the program: 

Please contact the NHS vaccination services if you wish to show support or concern for this roll out.  Anything sent to the school will simply be forwarded to appropriate bodies

What happens next? 

Following the announcement next week we anticipate that the government will add details to this over the coming days and weeks.  As soon as we have any details we will update you.

Who can I contact at school about this?

As always general enquiries can be sent to office@heartlands.haringey.sch.uk however we must stress we have no involvement in the organisation/promotion of this vaccination program.