One of the most interesting things that I noticed was the Sensory room. Students with autism often have sensory issues and the room is designed to help regulate them emotionally when they are stressed.

Inside the room there is a glow in the dark lava lamp and a mat that vibrates to calming music. Colourful neon rags are scattered around the room because children focus more when looking at certain colours. After visiting the sensory room, I was lucky enough to have an interview with two aspiring pupils. Adam and Kelisha  who were extremely helpful and eager to talk about their school life and their hobbies.

Kelisha was specifically enthusiastic when she spoke about the school trips she enjoys; one of the most recent included a trip to Morrisons to buy ingredients for donuts. Adam also mentioned that they make, “cakes, chips and all sorts of delights!” Kelisha says she loves all lessons especially exercise. However Adam doesn’t like the game ‘duck duck goose.’ Me either Adam! 

It was a pleasant visit and a great experience to see how the autism provision operates and how happy all the students are.