What is the government advising?

As you know the government has released advice and guidance for secondary schools you can read it here.

It asks schools:

  • To arrange for year 10 to spend some time in school this half term 
  • To continue to set work for students remotely 
  • To support year 10 in understanding what the recovery curriculum will look like in year 11 and how we will help them to make up for the time they have lost 

Is it safe?

The safety of our staff and students is our absolute key concern.  We know you are all worried about the return and whilst we can never eradicate the risk entirely but we will be putting the following in place to make sure students are as safe as we can: 

  • All staff ans students attending school are asked to confirm they are symptom free and members of their household are symptom free.  
  • Anyone displaying symptoms will be sent home immediately and required to be tested.  In this instance we will contact all the members of the bubble and suggest testing and isolation. 
  • Each year 10 student will be given a day to attend, this will be the same day each week, they will only attend on this day. 
  • Students will be asked to walk to school were they can and arrive at staggered times and leave at staggered times 
  • Students will work in bubbles with 2 teachers and up to 8 students, they will not mix with other groups 
  • Students will enter into school at a given time and follow a given route 
  • Students will remain in the same classroom while in school, they will also eat their lunch in this room.
  • Students are asked to attend in full school uniform but will not need to bring their bag or equipment, this will be provided as will lunch, snacks and water 
  • Each bubble will have dedicated toilets and hand washing facilities 

When will year 10 be asked to come in?

We are hoping we can offer this from June 15th, although this will be reliant on the data and if we think that it is safe to do so.  We are hopeful that if the rate of infection continues we can commit to the 15th of June by 10th June.  We will write to year 10 next week to outline how we think they are doing with their assignments at home and the support we can offer them onsite.  We will then text parents on the 10th to let them know we plan to go ahead, or not, with the wider offer from the 15th. 

What will school look like?

Our classrooms will be designed to enable social distancing and will give each student their own work space which they will be asked to stick to.

For parents who still have issues.  

We are asking all year 10 parents to complete the Further information questionnaire click here 

We will get back to you to discuss your concerns. 


When will you open for other years?

We really don’t know.  We are following the advice from the government, scientific advisors and national bodies on when we will be permitted to open and when we can do this safely.  We will continue to write to you weekly with information on this.