Year 9 Students will be sitting internal exams on Monday 9th March and Tuesday 10th March. Teachers have been preparing students for these assessments during lessons; we would encourage students to complete additional revision for these tests at home.

Students have been informed that exam regulations will be applied to these assessments which means that students should arrive promptly to school,without mobile phones (which are not permitted in the exam hall) and they should be silent at all times during the exam.  It is important for students to have an opportunity to rehearse the routines and experience of public examinations so that they are well prepared when their time comes in Year 11.

Ciara Emmerson
Deputy Head – Standards & Achievements

Week B Day Monday 09/02/2015 Tuesday 10/02/2015
Subject Duration Subject Duration
Session 1 08.30-10.30 Science 1 hr 40 mins Maths 1 hr
Session 2 10.50-1.10 French/Spanish 1 hr English 1 hr 45 mins
Maths non calculator 1 hr
Lunch 1.10-1.50
Session 3 1.50-3.30 History 1hr 30 mins Geography 1hr 30 mins