Message from the Headteacher 

It was confirmed today that although the COVID threat in England remains high we will not be subject to any new restrictions prior to January 1st 2022.  What happens in January remains to be seen.  However we need to confirm arrangements for the new year as families and staff need to make plans to support the start of term.  We will go ahead with our testing regime on the 5th January with a full return for all students to school on the 6th January 2022.

As a precaution we have already moved the Year 11 mock exams, we wrote to Year 11 families earlier in December to explain this.  This letter can be found HERE

Even if increased restrictions are put in place in the new year I am not anticipating any Government mandated school closures.  We are expecting a continuation of staff shortages and so closures at local level can not be ruled out.  As always we will work as hard as we can and as strategically as we can to avoid this.

As we enter into the new term may I please ask you to;

  • Send your child to school on the 5th January 2022 for a lateral flow test

  • Continue to test three times a week at home (we will issue tests on the 5th to those who come to school)

  • Keep students at home should they display any COVID symptoms and get a PCR test before returning

  • Inform us if anyone in the household has tested positive

  • Vaccinate your child against COVID 19 with their second (or first) dose if they are over 12.  This will also be offered at school but we have no information on when this will be so we advise you take an opportunity to this in the community ASAP by booking HERE 

It is a shared responsibility to keep COVID out of school. Please follow this advice to keep staff and students healthy and to keep school open.


On January 5th 2022 please send your child to school to test (times are below by year group)  Students will come in, test, and return home.  The consent form you need to complete before they come to school can be found HERE Students do not need to wear uniform when they come in to test.

As with previous testing the only results we will contact you about are positive results.  You may get a text or email from the official DFE testing service however our previous experience was that this was unreliable.

  • Year 7: 8.30am
  • Year 8: 10am
  • Year 10: 11.30am
  • Year 9: 1pm
  • Year 11: 2.30pm

Please get in touch if you have any queries or questions on

Take care

Mrs Roberts