On January the 5th 2021 the Government announced a second lock down full national lockdown. Heartlands High School will be closed to most students until at least February half term. Mrs Roberts will write to you weekly to outline the news from the week and the DPR super stars of the week

There is advice here for remote learning:
How to study at home – full school closure Jan 2021

Our principles for remote learning:

  • To ensure equal and ongoing access to all of the curriculum areas
  • To ensure students remain connected to school
  • To ensure students are set appropriate work to maintain steady progress
  • To care for and support families whilst at home

Learning will work in three ways:

1. Remote learning

Your teachers will set you your work for the week on the DPR. You need to check carefully the instructions and complete the tasks set. You will have one week to complete all the work by 9am on the following week on the same day. Work will be set in the following way:

    • Monday; Year 11 and year 7
    • Tuesday: Year 10 and 8 
    • Wednesday: Year 9

2. Live online sessions

There will also be some live sessions from your teachers at the time of your timetabled lessons. You will be invited to all your sessions through your google calendar.  There is a help sheet on how to do this here: How to use Google calendar 

It is essential you attend these sessions

3. Tutor sessions

Your tutors will be leading tutor sessions twice a week. You will be invited to these via google calendar (see above) 

There will also be assemblies and opportunities to stretch yourself; students should check your emails EVERY day! 

If students cannot access the work please email your tutor and we will do our best to help. 

Tutors and Heads of Year will be giving out merits so please share any work students are especially proud of or photos of any new skills or projects you undertake. There will be lots of prizes and merits for creativity and completing all work.

With everything going on, reading, whether it’s comics, audiobooks, or an old favourite – is one of the best things children can do for their brain, their emotional wellbeing and their grades.


We have put together a 1 page guide on where you can get eBooks, audiobooks, interesting podcasts, Youtube stories – all for free and without getting off the sofa! Remote Reading The second page has some top tips for keeping up reading at home. Please make sure you check my notes for age appropriateness. 

How can parents help?

  • Support them to complete the 20–30 minutes reading by reminding them as you would with remote learning

  • Ask your child to show you what they are reading and ask them questions about it

  • Listen to your child read. It is not essential that you sit with them (though this is nice) it could be whilst you doing things around the house
  • Watch a film based on your favourite book with your child and discuss how it is different
  • Encourage students to quiz on Beyond Words once they have finished a book and to tell their tutor about it during their zoom session.